Free your mind, heal your heart and activate your most Abundant life with in this powerful Healing Vortex

During these divine monthly online group transmissions, you will be guided on a beautiful uplifting spiritual talk, lead through a meditation and Kerri will also be using her channeling gifts, and years of training as an energy healer to assist clearing and activating your energetic field.

Each Month your Membership includes:

  • ​LIVE Online Energy Clearing & Healing activation
  • ​LIVE Online Reading & Laser Coaching Session
  • Access to all New and Past Workshops both Live & Recorded
  • ​Access to all Recordings of Energy Clearings & Readings
  • Special membership library with additional meditations, Activation and Soul enhancing gifts 
Kerri has extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals and groups, guiding them through transformation and spiritual journey.

This is a collective experience as we co-create with the universal healing powers and the energies of all who participate.
  • Receive Divine Pure Energy Healing
  • ​Clear away stagnant and stuck energy that is blocking your physical, mental & emotional bodies
  • Amplify your magnetism and manifestation ability
  • Align to your soul blueprint
  • Ignite your intuition & begin to activate your own personal healer within
  • Re-code and expand your Energetic field
  • Develop a deep sense of knowing as you Access your Higher Self
  • Awaken and enhance your natural psychic gifts
  • Release old patterns and limiting beliefs caught in our programming
  • Open your heart space and allow love in
  • Gain inner peace and a sense of calm confidence
  • Open and access your own super powers
  • Feel joyful, happy & relaxed
  • Experience Clarity & Focus of mind

.....and so much more!

This event is open to those new on a spiritual path or newly opening up to the powerful healing qualities of energy work and, as well, for those well diversified and experienced in the multidimensional realms of spiritual work.

All is Welcome

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