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Join the 5 Day Manifestation Immersion and discover the vital Foundational pieces to true deliberate Manifestation & learn how to tap into the limitless abundance to live your EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

For only AU$17, you get all the 5-day content and access to the training audios, meditations, workbooks, and activations.
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Jeremy Jackson
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How the Immersion Works...
5 Deep 
Dive Training Videos
Receive 1 video training each day for the next 5 days to learn how to transform your Current Reality FAST!
Private Access
Access your Private Online Member Resource Area and watch the lessons in your own time and in the comfort of your own home
FREE 1-1 Manifestation Mastery Call
Receive a Private Call to Discover the Missing Link that stops you manifesting what you really want. In this call you will solidify your Manifestation Plan for 2021
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Manifestation Mastery
For the past 10 years, Soul Alignment mentor & Quantum Healer, Kerri Healy has been teaching people how to purposefully & deliberately create great abundance in multiple areas of their life, from Relationships and calling in their soul mate. Wealth & prosperity, creating dream businesses & finances. Great Health and deep healing of the body, mind & spirit.  

Her specialised unique methods and specific techniques have helped many all over the world to completely transform their lives. She integrates a powerful combination of Energy Activations, Healing, Quantum Field Access & Coaching. 

She knows you have what it takes to unlock YOUR Manifestation SuperPowers, and Kerri is so passionate to assist you in accessing what you are truly capable of achieving - Full Limitless Abundance!
How did I get Here?
Have you Ever had that feeling that you have no idea how you got where you are and why? You did all the right things - Finished school, went to university, Got a great job - you know how the story goes.... You created the norm, that you aspired to, yet now you're there it doesn't feel so amazing! 

We're going to identify EXACTLY where you are, what lights you up from the inside and get you moving in that direction so you can take back control! 
Living Your Non-Negotiable Life on Purpose! 
Repeat after me... My Life by My Design is NON-Negotiable!!!
Have you ever wanted to Do All the Things you Dream of doing without fear of money, what people will think, how is it even going to happen? 

Whether you are just getting started or Ready to Take on the NEXT LEVEL we're going to Amplify your ability to Call it all in, THE Big things and the Small things. 
Your Blocks & What is Stopping your Success
Manifestation Doesn't work the way you want it to when you hold blocks that sabotage your success! 
They're like the big piece of chocolate cake, you can resist them for so long but whether you like it or not, they are there and sooner or later you will indulge in them until you let them go once and for all!  

That's why we ACTIVATE deep clearing in your field!

Abundant Mindset
Over 15 years Kerri has helped people just like you create the mindset that not only gets results but it gets you deeply aligned with your souls calling so your mind won't take you out of the game!

Now it's your time to shift your mindset and start attracting the Abundance you deserve!
Calling in Your Wild
I'll be sharing with you secrets to Bio-hack your manifestation success. Speeding up your ability to receive in order to reach your goals even faster than you thought possible. 
Living your Dreams well beyond the Bootcamp....Your LIFELONG MasterPlan
A scary number of people all over the world are living a life that simply feel like a lie to them!  
They are LOST, Scared, Sick, Stressed & Completely overwhelmed with LIFE. 
We're going to help you create your FREEDOM plan Personalised for your life specifically! Together we're going to fast track you path to freedom!
YES! Let's Get Started!
Meet Your Mentor
Who is Roy McDonald?
Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Investor, Advisor and Developer"
Roy McDonald is a senior wealth advisor and property investor. Having bought, sold and developed over $500 million dollars worth of property in the past 50 years around the world, Roy is here to help you master wealth and escape the middle class.
  • Self Made Multi Millionaire
  • Serial Investor
  • ​Best Selling Author
Who is Calvin Coyles?
"International Best Selling Author & Leading Peak performance and Business Strategist"
Calvin Coyles is the CEO of WILD SUCCESS and Founder of WILD, Australiasia's #1 Personal Growth company with more than 200,000 clients in 80+ countries. Calvin started WILD Success in -$40k in debt and in just 10 months had made his first $1 Million. He's a 3x #1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Business Advisor.
  • ​30 Under 30 Australian Entrepreneurs
  • ​Top 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs
  • ​2x Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • ​International Excellence Ambassador
  • ​Millionaire Coach and Speaker
  • ​3x International Best Selling Author
Who is Kerri Healy
"International Quantum Healer, Soul Mastery & Manifestation Mentor"
Kerri Healy is a gifted psychic, Quantum healer and transformational Coach. She integrates deep Energy Work, spiritual healing with powerful mindset coaching to help her clients manifest personal freedom, living their most magical soul aligned abundant lives.

For over 20 years, Kerri has been on her own personal Journey of Spiritual Awakening. She is a skilled teacher with a distinct ability to clearly articulate and communicate spiritual concepts, mindset mastery and manifestation principals but more importantly how to easily & effectively bring these all together and apply them into your own personal life.

Kerri is devoted to Reconnecting people to their natural state of being, living in love, joy and bliss by learning how to fully tune in to their inner being and live magical life experiences. She truly embodies the journey, teaching and guiding only what she is willing to go through herself. She is real & raw and fully transparent. With a giant hug and a big kick up the butt, she will celebrate your transformation right along side you, every step of the way.
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